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Welcome to Microgravity University! We are excited to offer experiences enabling undergraduate students to conduct science and technology experiments and demonstrations in a simulated microgravity environment.

Micro-g Neutral Buoyancy Experiment Design Teams (Micro-g NExT)

The Micro-g Neutral Buoyancy Experiment Design Teams program challenges undergraduate students to design build, and test a tool or device that addresses an authentic, current space exploration problem. The overall experience includes hands-on engineering design, test operations, and educational/public outreach. Test operations are conducted in the simulated microgravity environment of the NASA Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL).

We are offering test weeks in Summer 2016. For information regarding the program, please see About Micro-g NExT.

Reduced Gravity Flight Education Program (RGEFP)

The Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program provides a unique academic experience for undergraduate students to successfully propose, design, fabricate, fly and evaluate a reduced gravity experiment of their choice over the course of four-six months. The overall experience includes scientific research, hands-on experimental design, test operations and educational/public outreach activities.

For information regarding the program, please see About RGEFP.

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