Title: Feasibility and Reliability of Construction Techniques in a Reduced Gravity (0G or 1/6G) Environment

Assembling future space stations and transfer vehicles while in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for more complex long-duration space exploration missions will require the use of various construction techniques to be performed in a microgravity (0G) environment.  The focus of this project is to examine the feasibility of commonly used construction techniques (such as welding, melding, etc.) for their potential application in a Reduced Gravity environment (Microgravity = 0G or Lunar Gravity = 1/6G).  The intent is for the students to propose what construction technique they would like to further investigate in a reduced gravity domain, which they feel would benefit the future of human space exploration and long-duration space-flight.And long-duration space exploration missions will also require the building and assembling of future habitats, scientific laboratories, rovers, and transfer vehicles that can be used on the surfaces of the moon, Mars, or asteroids.  This means that various construction techniques (i.e. welding, melding, etc.) will need to be performed in a Reduced Gravity environment. 

Amber S. Gell

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