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Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program

***Website updated March 21, 2014***

All 2014 teams, please review the 2014 Participant Handbook.

Congratulations to the 18 teams selected for the 2014 program. All selected teams are listed on the Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program website at or on this website at

We look forward to working with all of you this year.


We appreciate your interest in forming a team for the 2014 Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. We are in the process of enhancing our program offerings this year and you will see some changes to the program from previous years. Currently we are able to offer you the following deadlines for our 2014 program.

Letter of Intent (optional) - September 25, 2013
Proposal Submission - November 6, 2013
Selectees Announced - December 18, 2013
MSI Selectees Announced - January 15, 2014

Listed below are the flight week dates for the upcoming year. These dates are subject to change. We have received funding for additional flight spots in our April, 2014 campaign. We will select up to five teams for this opportunity. Please be aware if applying to this flight week that the time frame is condensed when compared to a typical flight week.

Flight Week 2 and 3 will have up to 14 spots for our traditional undergraduate program and up to 14 spots for Minority Serving Institutions (MSI's). If you are applying as an MSI then you can select Flight Week 2 or 3 on your application.

Tentative Flight Weeks (subject to change):

Flight Week 1 - April 4 to April 12, 2014 (selecting up to five teams)
Flight Week 2 - May 30 to June 7, 2014
Flight Week 3 - June 13 to June 21, 2014

Please see the section below for important information regarding the changes we have made for the 2014 program.

Experiment Topic Alignment:

The Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program is an experiential education program that is important to the future of NASA. By aligning our program directly with the technical goals of the Agency, we are using education to further NASA's mission, allowing students to directly benefit our nation's space program. Therefore we ask that you review the following documents which are summaries of Strategic Knowledge Gaps (SKG) and Critical Technology Developments (CDT) that NASA has identified as priorities for future research. This year we are asking you to submit applications with experiments in line with these topics.

SKG Document (PDF)

In addition to the SKG information listed above we are providing the following "Critical Technology Developments (CTD)" document. "Appendix C - Technology Descriptions" lists out topic areas to propose to that are important to future NASA research. We encourage you to use this document as well to theme your reduced gravity experiment proposals.

CTD Document (PDF)

Undergraduate teams submitting experiment proposals that are specifically in line with these research topics will be given first priority for selection. When completing your application to the program you will be asked to identify the SKG or CDT that aligns with your experiment. Experiments that are not directly in line with these SKG's or the CDT's will be reviewed for selection, but will not be given top priority.

Please check this website regularly for any updates regarding our requirements for the 2014 program.

About the Program

(FAQs, Flight Video, Generic Flight Week Schedule, Overview, Whom to Contact)

The Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program provides a unique academic experience for undergraduate students to successfully propose, design, fabricate, fly and evaluate a reduced gravity experiment of their choice.

Creating a Proposal

(Application Checklist, Forming a Team, How to Apply, Participation Criteria, Proposal Advice, Proposal Evaluation, Proposal Guidelines, Reasons for Disqualification, Types of Proposals, Chat Transcripts)

Generating an idea for a microgravity experiment is the first stage in competing for a program “slot.” The idea for a reduced gravity experiment is developed by a team of undergraduate students - either as part of a class project or as independent research.

Prior Campaigns

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