SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL (Research NOT Involving Human Testing)

Each team must submit 1 electronic copy of an original proposal for consideration and review. Each team may submit to only one of the five design challenges. Each proposal must be submitted in a four-section format containing the required sections in the order as listed: Technical, Safety Evaluation, Outreach Plan, and Administrative. A table addressing the components of each section, the required format, forms is included. Note that any section component that does not specifically apply to the team's proposal should be noted as such. No section or component should be skipped/omitted under any circumstance.
We recommend printing the following sections and making a notebook for easy reference.
Section Format Required Additional Information
(Page 1)
  • Title of the experiment
  • Topic area addressed
  • Team name
  • Team logo (optional)
  • Academic institution name/address
  • Designated student team contact name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Faculty supervisor name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Each team member's name, academic year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), academic major, and e-mail address
  • Faculty advisor's / signature required at bottom
  • Team contact must be a student team member
    *MacPherson, Jennifer (
    Sophomore / Electrical Engr
  • The statement at the bottom of the cover page indicates that the team's faculty advisor endorses the proposal being submitted. Additionally, the Faculty Advisor Statement is required in the administrative section of the proposal.
(Page 2)
  • Table of Contents should reflect the arrangement of the proposal with sections clearly noted
  • Pages should be numbered
I. Technical/Required Format
II. Experiment Safety Evaluation
III. Outreach Plan
IV. Administrative Requirements
SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL! - (Due November 1, 2016)
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